Thursday, May 1, 2014

Big Bumps in the Road...

Hello everyone....

My life has hits some bumps in the road (sinkholes too) so I just completely went off the grid for awhile trying to lick my wounds and pick myself back up again.

No need to bother you with all the details lets just say I wanted to end my life and I found my way back with amazing friends and family!

Things are not back to 100% but I decided to start getting back into the things I love and that made me happy.  Designing was one of the major elements in my life that I adore.  Along with sharing my designs with anyone who would take the time to look at them and enjoy them too!

I have created a small little kit to get back into designing - I can't believe how much I forgot in just several months.

So I decided to share it with everyone.  It is called Love In The Park - I have been spending alot of time at the local park and enjoying the small wonders around it like the squirrels, mushrooms, birds and trees.  So this kit is sort of symbolic of my finding alot of things I took for granted before.

Finding out I am important, if to nobody else but myself, has been a very difficult process.

I hope that you will like what I have for you and thank you so very much for stopping by 

God Bless!