Saturday, October 24, 2015

SNP Speed Scrap on October 26th

Hey everyone, I am hosting a speed scrap on October 26th at 10 am MST.  I hope you can stop by and participate.  The participation prize will be the 6 Quickpages that go with the kit Never A Dull Moment.

Click HERE to stop by and play along with us!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

New Releases - On the Farm and Speed LImit

I have two fun releases for you this week:  On the Farm and Speed Limit both kits are 50% off until October 22th

On the Farm I made because I have always loved farm animals and as a teenager hung out alot at my Uncles farm and a boyfriend's farm and had a blast riding horses and helping my Uncle with his crops.

Speed Limit I made this kit because I had several people request a kit to do with cars.

I hope you can use them to scrap all your farm and vehicle photos!

On the Farm comes with
Full Alphabet, 82 Elements, 
18 Cardstock, 20 Papers

here are a couple of layouts by my CT





 and look at these adorable card fronts Heather made

Speed Limit comes with
Full Alphabet, 56 Elements, 
10 Cardstock, 20 Papers
5 Flags. 5 Flairs, 18 Road Signs,
16 Word Art and Bits

Layouts by my Awesome CT





and check out this adorable card front Heather made

October 2015 Blog Train - SNP

Wow it is October already, boy time seems to be flying by lately!  It is time again for the next blog train.  I hope you can use my portion to create lots of fun things...

Download HERE or click preview

Here are the rest of the stops along the way

Saturday, October 3, 2015

New Releases - Eat Your Vegetables and Frightfully Scary

I have two fun releases for you this week:  Eat Your Vegetables and Frightfully Scary both kits are 50% off until October 10th

Eat Your Vegetables I made to create a recipe book for my daughter and a fun Halloween kit Frightfully Scary

Eat your Vegetables is a huge kit with an extra set of veggies without the eyes for those who don't want a cuties look.

and Frightfully Scary which is really not scary at all just lots of fun to use.

Full Alphabet, 80 Elements, 15 Vegetables without eyes,
17 Cardstock, 20 Papers

these vegetables without eyes are included in this kit

layouts by my ct



and here are a few of the recipes pages I made for my daughter

it comes with a Full Alphabet, 62 Elements, 20 Papers,
8 Cardstock and 16 Extra Papers


here is a card front by Heather


Thursday, October 1, 2015

October 2015 Bits N Pieces at Scraps N Pieces

Play the Music

Do you love music, do you play an instrument?  I love music and I brought up my children with a love for music.  Unfortunately I can not carry a tune in a bucket, but my husband is a drummer, my daughter has a beautiful voice and can play the piano and has written some beautiful music, and my son well he kills it on the electric guitar the wonderful thing about my son is he doesn't read music, he just hears a song and he can play it.  It can be classical, jazz, hard rock... you name it he can play it! My love for all kinds of music has rubbed off on my family.  I always wanted to be one of those mom's who connected with their children through their music and I always let them listen to what they wanted.

Okay on to the products... Play the Music is in 3 parts, elements, papers and alphabet you can buy each for $1.00 until October 7th.  I hope you can use it to scrap all your music pictures and more.

layouts by my CT


she made a card front and a layout