Thursday, April 30, 2015

iNSD and Cherish Freebie

Hi everyone, hope all is going well with you!  Well this weekend is National Scrapbooking Day and I am not involved with any store or forum to play games etc...and with Mother's Day coming in the next few weeks, so I decided to give away another FREEBIE and celebrate that way.  This freebie is from a kit called Cherish,  I had in my store I made in remembrance of my MOM who passed away this last year.  I just told my husband I am not looking forward to Mother's Day this year without my Mom who was my very best friend and I truly am trying to find away to celebrate her instead of being depressed she isn't here.  I thought one of the way was to do something in her memory to share with everyone.  She kept it to herself, but she was a very giving person, always helping someone. Having her be sick the last year and helping her I learned alot about her and the things that were really important to her.  One of the things I descovered about her that I never knew until this last year, was she loved meeting new people and getting to be friends with them and if she learned something about them she would purchase small little gifts and give to them.  She gave gifts all around - her hairdresser, a lady down the hall who was struggling with something, a waitress or waiter who helped her, the people who helped her at the place she lived called Legacy Village.  When my mom and I would go through some of her stuff near the end, I would ask her why she had a particular thing in her drawer and she would say "Oh I brought that for so and so."  Just because they touched her by being kind.

I use to get angry because I would give away FREEBIES and no one would say thank you or leave a note...but then I decided it isn't about that, I want to give you something I made because it makes me feel good, I am just grateful you come by and snag it whether you leave a note or not.

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So Thank You for all of you who stop by, I truly appreciate it! Jodi

Saturday, April 4, 2015

A Little Easter Gift

Well I am trying to get my mojo back designing and here is a little kit I was working on for Easter or Spring that I will be sharing with you. I was taught to have really good Quality Control working at Stuff to Scrap and then Scrap-N-Pieces and I am trying to keep that going on my own until I can find a new home to sell my goods.  I truly hope you can use these to scrap your memories.



Thanks so much for stopping by!
P.S. I would love to see any layouts your create if you could 
let me know the  gallery they are in I will go and visit.