Thursday, June 1, 2017

No New Release this Week Just a CONTEST

Hey everyone, I have a question for you, because I need you help.  Next month at With Love Studios I will be the Featured Designer and I want to create a kit that is inspired by you, my followers!

I have picked 4 color palettes and you get to pick which one and name it.  So it is a CONTEST...

You pick a palette from below and then come up with a name, 
if I use your palette and name you will get the kit for FREE

Palette 1

Palette 2

Palette 3

Palette 4

Just list your palette number and a name in the remarks.
or if you want to make it a surprise for everyone you can email me
your response to

I will let you know on the 12th of June which palette wins and the name.

Thank you so much for stopping by!


  1. Replies
    1. LilyAnn - Thank you for playing along! Your pick didn't win, however, I loved your pick too, so I will be making a kit for this too and I will get you the download links as soon as it releases.

  2. Palette 3 - Summer's Sunshine

  3. Palette 1 title Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. :-)

    1. Susan You WON! I have a will make the kit today and as soon as it hits the store and is Quality Checked, I will get you the download links! Thank you so much for playing along!

  4. Palette 1 - American Patriots.

  5. Palette 3- Bright Sunshiny Day

  6. I love Palette 4. Maybe, "From Day to Night"

  7. Палитра 4 . Черничная любовь.

  8. Palette 4 - "Purple Passion" perhaps?

  9. Palette 3: The colors make me "Feel the Summer"